The Neil Marcus Gate

From: "neil marcus" <>
To: "david daniels" <>
Subject: from neil
Date: Friday, December 07, 2001 10:43 AM

Dinner with David Daniels
(David Daniels is friend of Neil's)
David: My god! You are a living brush. The Chinese
calligraphers study years to move like you do.
Their goal is to hold the brush as still as a rock
and move it with their entire body.

When I saw you stand.... and then leap, no, fly ,
I knew I had seen that before. My god. You are a living brush.
Your hand is your entire heart and soul. The way you
move is directly from you. You can't hide it--you
is total expression. My god! I love it.
(We see a series of slides of Neil in a series of poses in a Japanese coat
which dissolve into Japanese Conji characters in the same shape as Neil's