Show and Tell about David Daniels
by Michael Basinski

Outside the narrow and stuffy world of the academy, with its isms, fiefdoms and recycled, temperature controlled air and flourescent light, it is spring again. It's April 2000. It's fresh, vibrant, immense, immediate and unconfined. It is spring as it has always been. Time now for poetry to be re-affirmed and resurrected by a basic unbridled and burgeoning imagination. I wonder who better to participate in such a reimagination of the primal forces of poetry than someone from the outside of our self-imposed, commercial, literary law. This April's elemental Adam I propose be David Daniels. His life enterprise matured beyond the Disney manufactured intellectual entrapment entertainment poetry of our Backstreet Boys and Girls. His presentation is simple, but it is whole. His poetry is a complete and genuine emotional tale that forced itself into the life form of the poem. David Daniels is not a young Adam. He is not naive. He is not unread. Practical purpose, bread, butter, electric bills and family so often come before art. In real life this is genuine and speaks of an uncommon, yet so very common, beauty. A poet's presentation must live the trend of convention in order to present its own unique, yet common vision of a life. Here's David. He has a life and an art. Wow!

Pub. May 2000